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The name's Marlaine (アレガ マレン) •• You can call me MM / M •• Fat •• Stalker ♥ •• I'm 15 and I'm okay with my life right now •• Nov. 14, 1998 •• Phillipines •• A senior at BBCA-Iligan •• Pizza ♥ •• Plays piano/violin/guitar •• Wants to be a musician someday •• God follower •• Disney lover •• Don't like talking to those who doesn't have any manners •• Don't talk too much (So, sorry if I don't reply some of your messages)

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I am not a writer. This is my blog and these are my thoughts. So don't judge. I don't give a LUMP. Neither should you. And sometimes I don't follow back.

IMPORTANT: Bad at speaking tagalog so please forgive me.
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